Update: Learn how you can acquire these unique NFTs

At BlockPegnio, we have been working hard to push out the best game possible, while paying tribute to our core belief in decentralization.

The forward-thinking gaming world is a great place to experiment with ideas and systems that can be reflected in the real world.

We believe decentralized governance within real-world governments is just a matter of time.

To showcase and prove its effectiveness and power, we are excited to introduce governance non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in The Six Dragons — so people can enjoy the benefits for themselves in version 1.0…

Third Person

As we promised third person is a reality and already in the game! Not much to say here other than the first impression from the players are extraordinary! You can play and check out yourselves!

OC(Off-Chain) Materials

After our first implementation of Crystals and Keys OC versions to handle the high ETH fees, Materials are now also available as OC versions which will give us the freedom to handle the drop rates regardless the network congestion.

The player will be give the choice before the crafting starts to choose if he wants to use BC or OC materials.
OC Materials will be…

At BlockPegnio we want to create a decentralized gaming economy and we already proving that our ideas work by implementing inovative mechanics, with the community adopting them right away.

Earlier this month we introduced our Governance NFT, which will grant yield farm, vote power and more perks into The Six Dragons.

The Six Dragons, as you might already noticed, has the most deep blockchain implementation you can find, and it has been made with Efinity in mind from day 1, but with the high fees that ethereum has at these times, and until ETH 2.0 and Efinity is released we should adapt, so we introduce more changes towards this direction.

Off-Chain (OC) Crafting (No fees*)

You can now craft with OC Materials (released last week) and acquire an OC Weapon/Armor/Jewels by not paying any fees neither to ETH or TSD, and use your item immediately!

Using your own recipe has 0 fees and no blockchain transfer…

What an epic year 2019 has been for Blockchain Gaming and The Six Dragons! Join us in reviewing our best moments so far from the very first days while sharing our resolutions for 2020.

With 2020 approaching, it’s time to look back on the journey of the first blockchain-powered Open-World RPG, The Six Dragons. From the prototypes and the GDC 2019 demonstration to the stellar pre-sale and the start of the alpha testing in Q4 as promised, 2019 has been a year full of hard work, excitement, and real progress for the game.

Below we present the key moments during…

Following some months of amazing progress, I would like to explain where the game currently stands, including the progress of our roadmap, the challenges we faced along the way, and the bright plans for the game.

This is not an article that will beatify the delay of the alpha or anything, the alpha will launch as expected in Q4, but you, the players, are owned to know everything that happened these past few months after the pre-sale.

Q4 pending Efinity release

This was our statement from day one following the pre-sale. …

Blockchain gaming never looked more exciting. Today we uncover some details on how our real-time blockchain crafting and enchanting mechanisms will work.

Integrating decentralized gaming assets in The Six Dragons was not a decision based on the blockchain hype or a short-term monetization opportunity.

It was a statement.

We create a game where players are the protagonists as they constantly shape the game but also retain the opportunity to capture value from their progress. The vision of The Six Dragons is that the community will adopt various gameplay roles (e.g …

This is the second post in a series of articles where we cover some game features that you should expect in our upcoming alpha. The first article on our Alpha Waves system can be found here.

As you probably have heard by now, The Six Dragons will feature a massive open world of 64km² with a billion dungeons. To better understand the magnitude of this detail, you should consider that the epic game title — and our favorite — Skyrim has a 37.2km² of open world land. But you guessed it right… Lots of exploration hours will await you in…

Can’t wait to start crafting while exploring mysterious villages, menacing dungeons and the bewildering nature across the 64 km²- long land of Nemberus? Do you want access early the first Open World RPG powered by blockchain? Here’s what you need to know…

Two months after our chart-topping presale that sold out in less than two weeks, The Six Dragons team has been working really hard on the alpha release. We are excited with the way things are shaping up, from gameplay mechanics to the seamless blockchain integration. …

With the presale close to the end way earlier than scheduled (we are in the 2 weeks mark when the end of the presale was scheduled 1 month after the start of it) we would like to update the community for the steps forward to conclude the event!

Contributors’ giveaway

We know that Everyone is waiting for this huge 20k+ Enjin Giveaway as much as we do! So let’s have a closer look at it.

As we already explained on the presale page, people will be awarded participation tickets reflecting their contribution, all these tickets will be added to an SQL DB…

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