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6 min readOct 1, 2021


The economy behind The Six Dragons is about to change, and we would like to present and describe all the upcoming changes and the reasoning behind them. JumpNet will help us provide players all the things we had in mind when we started implementing Blockchain in the game, back in 2019. Ethereum is great but without the proper scaling solutions, it ends up highly expensive to interact with, for both players and developers. Enjin, with the release of JumpNet was able to provide us with the tools to unleash our vision.

Below are details about all aspects of the JumpNet integration to the game, subject to changes if it is required during the migration.

The game servers will be shutdown at 09:00 am CET 12/10/2021 up to 10:00 pm CET 14/10/2021 for the migration.

JumpNet: Transferring the accounts

If you are an existing player of The Six Dragons, then your account will be transferred to JumpNet, and you will be asked to link your Enjin wallet again. This will run as usual on your first login. New players will be registered to Jumpnet.

All of the in-game blockchain services will be hosted on JumpNet from now on (Crafting/Enchanting/OC <=> BC Trading). With Enjin’s bridge you will be able totransfer anything to Mainet by paying the gas fees when and if you wish to. Your Mainet equipment will still be available to you in order use as is. since the game is able to scan for both the assets you hold on Mainet and Jumpnet.

JumpNet: Transferring the tokens

As you might already know Enjin is creating a bridge for JumpNet <=> Mainet, so it would be easy for us to wait until they release it. Yet we want our players to have to pay as little fees as possible. The solution to this was to have some of our assets moved to JumpNet and airdrop them to the players.

What will be moved is all the Governor's NFT, MFT, Recipes, Dragons, Materials, Consumables and TSDT.

What will not be moved is the Equipment (not possible to create all these assets since they are crafted, 1/1 and unique) as well as the SFT.

Everything will be airdropped to players in a real-time snapshot at the time of sending so no confusion occurs with selling/buying deprecated tokens.

Warning: Do not melt any items before you get the JumpNet versions.

All of the old tokens on Mainet will be renamed to “meltMe”, and will have no utility in-game, but the good news is that you keep the backing of these items as an extra.

New tokens will have less backing to follow the new Enjin $ price (which is 10x from when we started).

We are technically giving away thousands of $ in deprecated Assets backing, but this is something we did it without any hesitation and as a thank you to our early players who continue to support the game and help us make it better.

Crafting /Enchanting / OC -> BC

All new Crafts, Enchants and OC -> BC trades will be running on JumpNet from now on. Of course, you can choose to keep crafting OC items for free if you own a recipe, and transfer them to BC whenever you wish. The fees will now include paying the Blacksmith/Dev/Governors, yet gas fees are now out of the equation for all these mechanics!

Until Enjin’s bridge is released, Enchanting can be a good “trick” to transfer your equipment to JumpNet if its +2 or less (as there is no risk of losing it).


Fees Distribution

With the implementation of JumpNet, our Governance NFTs will be enabled. A new wallet (Governors’ Public Wallet or GPW) will be created and the fees that will be generated due to players’ interaction with the game, will be pooled there. From the GPW they will be distributed to Governors’ personal wallets, based on the number of Governor NFTs each holds.

We will start distributing fees on a weekly basis, but as the game progresses, we plan on doing it on a daily basis.

Governors will be getting 10% of all fees that are paid in TSDT, which is actually most of the mechanics players use (except OC -> BC on consumables, in which case fees cover mostly the JENJ backing).

Yield Farming

This is our new big surprise to our Governors: 2 new tokens will be created.

gTSDT (governor’s The Six Dragons Token), and eTSDT (eternal The Six Dragons Token).

Both tokens will be auto distributed daily to the Governors’ Public Wallet, in the exact amount of Governance NFTs that are minted at the given time and day. These tokens will also be distributed the same day as the fees to the Governor NFTs holders and of course proportional to the amount of NFT holdings per wallet.

gTSDT is going to be used as a liquidity tool for the Governance NFTs as players will be able to turn 1 Governance NFT to 5000 gTSDT and vice versa (5000 gTSDT to 1 Governance NFT), these are estimates and can be changed before the rollout/beta.

eTSDT is going to be used for in-game items exchange (more details will be shared on this soon).

Both tokens will be JumpNet assets so that players can freely trade it with other players on Enjin’s Marketplace.

Both tokens will start being added to the GPW at the day of Jumpnet’s release, or very close to it, yet we will enable the exchange of them after we ensure JumpNet works as intended. JumpNet has not been implemented in a game as such before, with such intricate tokenomics, so we need to ensure the integrity and stability of the integration.

Both tokens are utility tokens and will only be exchangeable in-game. We have no intention to use these tokens as a form of speculation and they are just a denomination of the current Governance NFT or in-game utilities.

In order to handle all these new features, Governor’s NFT, gTSDT and eTSDT will be moving to JumpNet. Governors’ NFTs will not be numbered any more, for various reasons, including liquidity, utility, and no real use of the number.


TSDT will be now converted at a 100:1 ratio in regard to $JENJ, so for every old TSDT you had on Mainet, you will be airdropped 100 new TSDT tokens on JumpNet, with a backing of 0.01, which means you can just melt it (it’s completely free on JumpNet), and acquire your Enjin back.

The reason behind this change is the increase of $ENJ’s price, and to be able handle fee denominations better.

The new TSDT can be acquired in-game for 0.01 each, or from Enjin’s Marketplace for 0.01025 (to account for the 2.5% fee). As we already mentioned, TSDT -> $JENJ will be happening easiest by melting the token straight from the Enjin App, although we will still leave the TSDT -> $JENJ service in-game for a better and seamless experience.


The team is planning to hold 22% of the total Governor NFTs supply in order to maintain voting power, as well as use them for strategic partnerships. The team NFTs will be treated as all Governance NFTs in all aspects.

Our Governance NFT will soon stop being sold directly from our shop, we will distribute the rest of the NFTs via gTSDT purchases and/or RNG item sales from our shop, and of course from the gTSDT yield farming of the Governors.

Further Changes

The Blacksmiths’ Service will be reset, since all listings are pointing to Mainet users. Players can relist their recipes for free, but bear in mind that the TSDT ratio to $JENJ is now 100:1, so have your fees converted x100 and adjusted accordingly.

The Fees distribution for the Blacksmith service is now 55% for the Blacksmiths, 35% for the Devs, 10% for the Governors (previously 50% Blacksmiths / 50% Dev).

Moving forward

Our target is to have the game released for the biggest platforms available, and we already have an official partnership with Sony. As always we’d like to be transparent (as much as we can due to NDAs). Most of you know how hard it is for crypto right now, and that the companies themselves try to find a way to implement Blockchain Gaming to their platforms. We will get there, we will help them directly to find the way and we are confident it’s just a matter of time.

As for the technical side, we use tools that make it possible to migrate to consoles without too much hustle, so when they are ready, we will be ready too.



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